Roseanne Barr Reveals Palsy Diagnosis

Roseanne Barr says she "developed a bit of palsy" due to the stress caused by the backlash and cancellation of ABC's Roseanne revival series following her racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett.

Barr made the comment Wednesday night as part of her latest tirade on Twitter, where she has been defending her actions and asking for forgiveness ever since the shocking end of the comedy.

"I have developed a bit of palsy in my head and hands due to the stress I have lived thru," she wrote on the tweet.

She added: "I sleep alot now — without ambient too, thank G0D!! goodnight - we are winning! don't give up! PEACE is coming!"

Palsy refers to symptoms of paralysis that are usually accompanied by tremors.

The disgraced comedian then released an avalanche of new tweets Thursday, covering subjects from her childhood to what she's been doing since the scandal.

"i'm singing all day. I'm learning amywinehouse songs," Barr continued. "Life is great. The hounds bark but the caravan moves on. LAUGH ALL YOU CAN EVERYDAY! love u all," she wrote on another tweet.

Barr's racist tweet about former White House aide Jarrett gathered much backlash at the end of May and quickly led to the cancellation of Roseanne, which was the highest-rated new comedy for the 2017-18 season.

Before revealing her palsy symptoms, she once again attempted to deny she is racist.

"I want u all2 know I'm fine. I've been using this time2 reflect &2 gain insight on what I said & how it was misunderstood," she wrote. "Needless2 say I'm NOT what people have accused me of! I've never practiced "RACISM" in my entire life & never will. Meantime..."

ABC has reportedly been working on possibly reviving the series once again, without Barr associated with the project. Reports surfaced claiming producers of the revival series pitched an idea for the possible spinoff and the network liked it, with now the legal team hard at work to figure out a way to make the show happen without any financial benefit to Barr.

Series stars John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf are reportedly interested in starring in a spinoff series, if the idea rings true to the original show, but the network will have to act fast, as they could book other projects, and still get paid for the originally planned second season of the revival series.

The rest of the crew and writers would not be as lucky however, as they lost their jobs and many shows are already fully staffed and in production for next season.


Reports said a potential spinoff might have been announced last week, but those rumors have since quieted down.