Roseanne Barr Sends Message to Fans Minutes After Revival Premiere

Roseanne Barr, the creator and star of Roseanne, tweeted a message of love and gratitude to her fans after the sitcom's revival dominated Tuesday night TV.

The 65-year-old television icon tweeted, "i love you all!!" along with the Roseanne hashtag, which was the top trending topic while the premiere aired. The long-awaited reboot launched with two brand new episodes on Tuesday night, and fans were ecstatic to see their favorite '90s sitcom family back on screen.

Barr is an avid user of Twitter, and has been for many years. She live-tweeted the two-episode premiere of season 10 along with her fans, marvelling at the response. Just after the first episode began, she wrote "s–! we are number one trending on twitter!"

Barr seemed to revel in the instantaneous online response to her work. She encouraged her fans to watch the live discussion on the Roseanne hashtag, and she took the time to retweet some of her favorite responses.

The new season kicked off with a bang, as the Conner family dealt with political division. Much like Barr in real life, Rosesanne Conner voted for President Donald Trump, and she still supports him more than a year into his term. In interviews leading up to the premiere, Barr said that her goal was to facilitate dialogue and present an honest view of American households, where many people are dealing with conflict within their families over the recent contentious election.

Still, continued support for the president struck many people the wrong way, and there were plenty of Twitter users in the hashtag discussing why they wouldn't watch a show that was normalizing the Trump administration. The majority of viewers, however, were touched by the return to family values, where the Conners continue to love each other and live together despite their ideological differences.

The second episode focused on Darlene (Sarah Gilbert)'s son. In the original series, Darlene was something of a tomboy. The reboot reverses this dynamic, as Darlene's son prefers to dress like a girl. The show tackles the struggle of the Conner family to protect him without discouraging him from being himself.


So far, the Roseanne reboot appears to be a huge success, despite all of the controversy.