'Power Book IV: Force' Stars Anthony Fleming and Lucien Cambric on Finding Authenticity in Roles

Anthony Fleming and Lucien Cambric have a unique perspective on Power Book IV: Force because of their background as Chicago natives, which they say adds a genuine authenticity to the show –– and it's all thanks to the producers. 

"It's an amazing show, amazing production to be a part of and all of the actors and cast and crew, especially, you know, Joseph Sikora, the honesty in the truth he brings to this role. I mean, I think that's why fans tune in week to week to see this cat," Fleming shared. "That's why they've invested so much time and energy into this character because, you know, Tommy Egan is always Tommy Egan and his journey is so complex and layered that you can't help but to be hooked into it and you wanting to see what happens next with him."

(Photo: STARZ)

"Shout out to all of the executive producers, 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp for even hiring both Lucien and I are from Chicago. So to hire us to play these roles, us being from here is, is such a credit to them wanting to. It's such a high level of authenticity to the show," he said of the producers' decision. 

"I think you'll find that a lot of the characters on the show that you'll see being from here it's just amazing for sure. It adds realness to the show, you know, because sometimes you gotta, you gotta be familiar with their environment to accurately," he adds.

His co-star Lucien chimed in: "So bringing in people that's from the environment is such a smart move on the executive producers part. You know, I'm excited to be a part of it. Joseph is from Chicago. Everyone is doing such an amazing job with showing it off."


 There's also the question of family ties in the new series as Tommy leaves behind the ghosts of his past in New York for the new environment in Chicago. "Because Tommy is doing it so far away from where he comes from –– he's definitely in a new area, in a new world –– he has to figure out how to navigate that in his quest and search for the answers that he's seeking. So we definitely see Tommy come into a new light and definitely answer some questions that have been haunting him for a long time."