Oscars 2020: Diane Keaton Nearly Knocked Over Mic During Award Presentation, and Fans Loved It

Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves presented at the Oscars on Sunday night, and fans are still reeling from their adorable performance. Many thought that the two were awkward together in a sweet way, especially when Keaton nearly knocked over the mic stand. Fans cheered her relatable moment of clumsiness in an otherwise ostentatious night.

Keaton and Reeves walked out onto the stage arm in arm on Sunday night to present the Oscar for best original screenplay. They shared some awkward banter when they got to the mic, remarking on their past work together.

Reeves seemed to have a punchline prepared while Keaton appeared to be speaking off the cuff. Even when the time came to reveal the nominees, Keaton almost opened the envelope prematurely.

"So, here are the nominees for best original screenplay," Reeves said.

"Okay, I'm going to open this for you," Keaton said, handling the envelope.

"No, no, no, not yet," Reeves said, steering her towards the screen behind them.

After the nominees had been shown, Keaton finally opened up the envelope, in the process, she knocked the mic stand with her hand, finally relinquishing the results to Reeves and saying "why don't you..."

When Reeves read the winner — Bong Joon-Ho for his movie Parasite — Keaton let out a sharp cheer. She hugged the filmmaker when he arrived on the stage, then walked hesitantly away, calling out "where am I going?" to the producers.

All-in-all, fans thought it was a stellar performance from Keaton. After decades in Hollywood, they loved seeing her acting candidly on the Academy Awards stage and not holding anything back.

Twitter users remarked on Keaton's sharp yell, her detached speech and her obvious excitement for Bong Joon-Ho. Some thought that the whole presentation was an act, while a few actually complained that she was "hogging the mic."


Keaton and Reeves joked about the last movie they were in together, Something's Gotta Give in 2003. In it, Keaton stars as a middle-aged playwright, while Reeves plays a younger doctor who is a huge fan of hers. They develop a brief relationship, juxtaposed against the relationship between Keaton's character's daughter and Jack Nicholson's character. In the end, Keaton's and Nicholson's characters wind up in a more age appropriate relationship together.

These days, Reeves is an action star in high demand, with fourth installments of both the Matrix and John Wick franchises on the way. Keaton's next movie is a rom-com called Love, Weddings and Other Disasters, which is currently in post-rpoduction. There is no release date for the movie yet.