Oscars 2020: America Ferrera Is a Goddess Mama-to-Be With Gold Headband on the Red Carpet

America Ferrera made her best case to be the star of the Oscars red carpet event with her stunning look. She donned a red dress and a gold headband all while showing off her baby bump. Ferrera revealed on New Year's Eve that her and her husband were expecting their second baby.

Making the evening even sweeter was the meaning behind her look. Ferrera shared on Instagram the details about her outfit.

"#Oscars for the final farewell to 12 years of How to Train Your Dragon & my Berkian Warrior Queen Astrid. Tonight, I bring my own warrior ancestors with me, the indigenous Lenca tribe of Honduras," she wrote.

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Her look went over well on social media as many appreciated the notion behind her get-up.

"America Ferrera paying tribute to her warrior ancestors from the indigenous Lenca tribe of Honduras is giving me life," another wrote on Twitter.

Ferrera voiced in the Oscar-nominated How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. The actress spoke with Screen Rant about the series and its conclusion.

"And I think it's a testament to [Dean DeBlois's] courage to end it. Because I think, with these types of films, you just think, “more, more, more.” Like, “more movies!” But, for Dean, he's always spoken about it as a trilogy," she said. "That's how he always envisioned it. And I have the sense, and you have to ask him, that when he sat down to write the first script, he actually envisioned this script, knew where he was going. So, he figured out how to get to where he was going. He always said that the series would answer the question, “where to dragons go?”

Ferrera made the announcement of her second pregnancy by writing on Instagram, "Welcoming Baby #2 in 2020! Happy New Year from our wild and growing bunch."


The Superstore star and Ryan Piers Williams welcomed their first child back in May 2018.

Ferrera debuted in her first major film Real Women Have Curves back in 2002. From there she went on to star in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and its sequel, before linking up with How To Train Your Dragon in 2010. She also starred on Ugly Betty from 2006-10.