Netflix Series 'You' Rakes in More Than 40 Million Viewers Within Its First Four Weeks of Release

The new Netflix series You reportedly raked in more than 40 million viewers within the first four weeks of its release.

Netflix's See What's Next shared the major numbers for the recently acquired suspense series, which was originally a Lifetime series but picked up and given a second season by the streaming platform after the network dropped it.

Clearly this was a clever move on Netflix's part, considering how incredibly successful the series has been for them.

Previously, TV Time cited the psychological thriller as Netflix's most-watched show of the week, topping series such as A Series of Unfortunate Events, Friends, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

You stars former Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, the manager of New York City bookstore who shamelessly stalks and later begins a romantic relationship with a Guinevere Beck, the object of his twisted desire. Beck as played by former Once Upon a Time actress Elizabeth Lail.

The show is based on Caroline Kepnes' book, You: A Novel, and was developed for television by Greg Berlanti (Arrow) and Sera Gamble (The Magicians).

While the series has been a massive hit for Netflix, it has also not quite been received exactly the way the the cast and creators intended.

It turns out that many are expressing fondness for Joe and his seemingly quirky nature, though Badgley strongly maintains that Joe is not to be romanticized or idolized.

"Okay but [Penn Badgley] was sexy as Dan but lord Joe is a whole new level," one fan of the series tweeted, with Badgley then retweeting the post and adding, "...of problems, right?"

Someone else joked that they wanted Badgely to "kidnap" them, to which he politely declined and tweeted back ,"No [thanks]."


Netlfix has not announced a release date for Season 2 of You at this time.