'NCIS': Ziva and Gibbs Share Tense Moment in Winter Finale Sneak Peek

Ziva's return might come with some tension between the beloved character and Leroy Gibbs. NCIS will return Tuesday for its winter finale, which will feature the return of Cote de Pablo's fan-favorite character for her final two episodes of Season 17. The CBS crime procedural has kept details on what specifically brings Ziva back to town again, though a new sneak peek at the episode might give fans a clue.

Watch the short clip from the episode, released by TVLine, here.

The clip hints that Ziva might not have had a hand in getting the team involved with her mission once again, as it begins with her quietly joining Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in his car to explain how Bishop (Emily Wickersham) got involved in yet-to-be-revealed problem.

She reveals one of her associates called Bishop in to help her, thinking her anxiety was getting in the way of her mission to eradicate the threat keeping her away from her family.

"She was trying to protect me," Ziva tells her old friend, with him responding with, "From what?"

Ziva gives him a look, before he adds Bishop had mentioned large crowds had started to affect her while in the field.

"First time it happened was in a crowd. In a market," Ziva said of her new anxiety attacks. "It was the worst moment of my life, and you know that is saying a lot."

Gibbs adds, "Odette thought sending you in a crowd would trigger another attack."

"The thing is panic strikes when it wants," Ziva adds. "Gibbs, I remember rule No. 6 well, but I am truly sorry. This thing that I told you I was working on, I told you that I wanted to do it on my own and I meant it."

"Ziva, I'm not doing this again with you. You don't want my help, go!" Gibbs says as the clip leaves us with that cliffhanger until Tuesday.


Viewers last saw Ziva in the second episode of Season 17, following her surprise return revealing she had faked her death to keep her family safe from a terrorist group she is trying to take down. The time in isolation changed her into a more anxious person. After beating one of the organization's leaders and kickstarting a new hunt, Ziva pledged to finish the group once and for all so she can finally reunite with her loved ones.

Will Ziva succeed? NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Following Tuesday's winter finale, the show will return January 7 with de Pablo's final episode.