'NCIS' Teases Bishop-Torres Romance in New Clip

The star-crossed romance between Special Agents Eleanor Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Nicholas [...]

The star-crossed romance between Special Agents Eleanor Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Nicholas Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) is coming back to NCIS this week, judging by the latest sneak peek.

Torres and Bishop have had a will-they-or-won't-they romance on the show for a while now though they have yet to act on it inn any meaningful way. The sneak peek for this week's episode, "Third Wheel," makes it look like that could change, as Torres goes dancing after Bishop for all he is worth.

The episode finds Director Gibbs still on vacation, and the office in a bit of a relaxed state. To Torrres' delight, McGee allows him to play music, while McGee plays a game on his phone and Bishop works on the crossword. Before long, Torres is dancing suggestively over to Bishop's desk.

"Hey Bishop, I'm coming for you," he warns. The former NSA agent smiles in spite of herself as Torres gyrates in her direction while a somewhat lewd chorus plays through the speakers.

Of course, the good times can't last forever, and their moment is interrupted when McGee gets a call about this week's case. It's possible that the moment stands on its own, and may not go any further in the episode. However, judging by the title — "Third Wheel" — McGee may find himself in the middle of Bishop and Torres' courting before their robbery is solved.

The episode's synopsis also suggests that Gibbs will be back in the picture before this episode is over, as the director is apparently contacted at the remote cabin where he is resting up. By the sound of it, the robber his team is going after may be hiding out in the woods not far from Gibbs himself, making it hard for him to deny the call of duty.

A lot of fans have mixed feelings about the budding romance between Torres and Bishop. Bishop's relationship status has been in constant flux for five season now, ever since she joined the show. Early on, she married fellow NSA analyst Jake Malloy, though before long the union went sour. Mallow was having an affair with another agent at the NSA, and after a bit of soul searching, Bishop decided to leave him behind.

After that, Bishop had a brief but passionate fling with Qasim Naasir, an NCIS translator. Naasir even proposed to Bishop, as we learned later, though he was killed in the line of duty.

Meanwhile, Torres often serves as the comedic relief on NCIS. He joined the show three years after Bishop, and so far it seems that his feelings for her may be stronger than hers are for him.

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