'NCIS': Sloane Gets Arrested in Season Finale Preview

The NCIS season 15 finale will see Dr. Jacqueline Sloane (Maria Bello) get arrested after a complicated incident.

In the above preview scene released by CBS, a police officer is shown talking with Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) at a crime scene.

"The suspect went nuts on some guy, screaming, punching," the officer says. "The maître d' tried to intervene and took an elbow in the chin for the trouble. The suspect then through the bottle, shattered out the window and the guy took off."

Vance then asks who the man in question was, but the officer has no clue and the suspect would not give the name up.

"The suspect wouldn't tell us [his name]," the officer says. "[She] just kept insisting we call you."

The officer then opens the door of a squad car to reveal the suspect in question: Sloane.

She still does not offer the identity (at least in this clip) she only tells Vance that it was "him."

"It was him, Leon. It was him," she says.

This arrest and the unidentified man leads into the night's plot. The CBS states that "Sloane is adamant that a man who held her hostage and tortured her years ago in Afghanistan and was believed to have been killed following her rescue, is alive and in D.C."

Apparently her NCIS teammates are worried about the situation and Sloane desire to hunt him down. Vance and Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) think Slone "is willing to risk everything to destroy him."

In the trailer for the season finale, entitled "Date with Destiny," we learn more details about who Sloane is referring to. She describes him as "the monster" that tortured her and her fellow soldiers.

"The monster, I will never forget his voice," Sloane says. "My friends and I were tortured ... They're all dead. ... I heard his voice and it all came back to me."

The clip also reveals that Sloane eventually goes after the man, who denies ever having any contact with Sloane before. We also see glimpses of the restaurant altercation that got Sloane arrested.

See the full trailer for the episode below.


NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. New episodes of the CBS crime drama will resume in the fall TV season, but no exact premiere date has been set. It will return in the same time slot.

Photo Credit: CBS