'NCIS: New Orleans' Kills off Significant Character During Fall Finale

NCIS: New Orleans said goodbye to a noteworthy guest star after he scarified himself during the intense winter finale.

The CBS procedural drama saw Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) fight against the clock and submit to a terrorist's bidding after they kidnapped Loretta (CCH Pounder) and his father, Cassius Pride (Stacy Keach).

The mission led to him breaking out Amelia Parsons (Ellen Hollman), the woman who tried to kill him earlier in the season. After the unlikely pair was forced to work together, she was going to shoot and kill him in the final moments of the episode, but Cassius got in the way and took the bullets in his place.

(Photo: CBS/Sam Lothridge)

Throughout the episode, Pride had been followed by the same ghost who had haunted him during the season premiere, attempting to convince him to stop fighting and to let himself die.

The appearance of the ghost was a sign of trouble from the start, though she kept hinting that Pride would be the one to lose his life during the mission, where he had to best CIA agents and keep the other members of the NCIS team away from him.

The terrorist led Pride to the place where Amelia was being held and he orders to break her out and deliver her to some of his men, but the NCIS team arrives at that moment and kills the terrorist's goons.

With the change of plans, the terrorist reveals to Pride and Amelia that he has her family hostage, as well as Loretta and Cassius. He also reveals that Amelia holds the secret files of an underground criminal group and she must supply those files again if they are ever to see their loved ones again.

Amelia leads Pride to the graveyard where her husband is buried and there they meet with some more of the terrorists' men but they both bring them down and get the coordinates of where the hostages are being held.

As Cassius helps Loretta escape, Pride arrives and sets them free and with the help of the NCIS team, Loretta manages to escape. Meanwhile, Pride is in a standoff with the terrorist, who has Amelia and her family now held at gunpoint.

Amelia catches him by surprises and as the terrorist is about to shoot Pride, Cassius shoots and kills him instead. Later, Pride examines a room in the place for information and the ghost returns, telling him his time is up and he will die in that moment.

At that point, Amelia appears and calls to Pride, she points a gun at him but Cassius steps in front of the bullets and falls to the ground. In the serious moment, Pride shoots Amelia multiple times and kills her. He then sees as the ghost takes Cassius with her and he dies as the episode ends.

Cassius has been a frequent guest star on NCIS: New Orleans since Season 1. The shocking death touched many of the CBS drama's fans on social media.

"I'm heartbroken! I can't believe they killed Cassius. I'm going to miss the hilarious exchanges between him [and] Dwayne. Are these writers sadistic?! How can you kill a man's daddy right here at Christmas?!" One Twitter user wrote.


NCIS: New Orleans returns with new episodes Tuesday, January 8 on CBS.