'NCIS: New Orleans' Puts Hannah in Grave Danger on Tonight's Episode

Hannah is in serious danger in a preview for this week's new episode of NCIS: New Orleans.

This week's episode promises some heart-wrenching drama for Special Agent Hannah Khoury, played by Necar Zadegan. Hannah and her family are sent away to a safe house when a terrorist with a personal vendetta against her resurfaces. Her family is reluctant to go, though they are more accepting when they realize that Hannah will actually be going with them.

In one preview, Hannah remembers a happy family lunch outing before Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) jogs her back to the present. In the office, she is looking at a photo of a terrorist she knows from her past.

"Victor Zelko was killed in Yemen," she says. "I coordinated the raid myself. These photographs are fake."

"They've been vetted and verified," Pride replies.

"If that's true, why would Zelko expose himself now?" she asks, but Pride points out that she is the most likely to have the answer.

Another preview completes the flashback, showing how Hannah and her family were attacked at the end of the lunch. Gunfire rattled through the small small courtyard, and it was clear that Hannah, Ryan and Naomi were traumatized by the experience.

Finally, another preview shows Hannah sorrowfully telling her family that they have to go into hiding again. Naomi is badly disappointed while Ryan seems angry, but they agree to go into hiding as long as she is with them. Hannah looks upset as she leaves her team to deal with Zelko without her.

Whether she really will stay away from action during the episode remains to be seen. Hannah is never one to shy away from danger, no matter what the risk. In this case, however, it is clear that protecting her family is her main priority.

It will be up to Hannah to decide whether she can do her family more good by staying at their side, or by going after Zelko herself. In the meantime, her friends and colleagues will be in danger as they hunt the notorious arms dealer down.


Hannah joined NCIS: New Orleans in the fall as the team's new Supervisory Special Agent. She replaced Pride after he was promoted to Special Agent-in-Charge of the NCIS Southeast Field Office. She has already proven herself as a leader and a teammate, but now fans are getting a real look at his history as a Field Agent, as well as her family life.

NCIS: New Orleans airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.