'NCIS: LA' Welcomes Rapper Offset for Primetime Acting Debut

NCIS: Los Angeles will be the first time rapper Offset steps in front of the camera. The Migos member is set to appear in the CBS show on Sunday's newest episode called "Alsiyadun." In the episode, Offset will play, Kadri Kashan Khan, who is an undercover CIA agent.

He will also have a song of his called "Danger" premiere in the episode. In a video released on Entertainment Tonight Canada ahead of the episode, Offset explained how this has been in the works for some time. He reached out to LL Cool J, who stars alongside Chris O'Donnell, and shared the vision he had for a potential appearance.

"When you're a rap artist, they think you're going to play a gangster or you're going to play something closer to the street. And he's like completely away from all of that," LL Cool J said in the video. "He's completely breaking type, which I think is great."

In reference to be type-cast, Offset is eager to show fans of his that he can switch gears and do something he's never done before. He will reportedly be doing all of his own stunts, as well.

"I didn't want to come into acting and be like, put in this category of, 'Oh, you can be the bad guy all the time,'" Offset said. "I wanted to be able to show that I could do anything that someone sets in front of me."

According to the press release, Offset's on-screen character is "an undercover CIA Officer working for years in the Sinai Peninsula to embed himself with the local tribes by smuggling contraband so that he can monitor terrorists and weapons movements in that region."

As for NCIS: Los Angeles, this will be the second straight episode with some excitement for fans of the show. Last week, saw the first appearance of Bar Paley's character Anna Kolcheck in the new season.


Offset, who received quite the birthday gift from his girlfriend Cardi B in December, is joined in Migos by his cousin Quavo and Takeoff. The two broke out in 2013 with their hit, "Versace," before "Bad and Boujee" took them off in 2017.