'NCIS' Finale Cliffhanger Sets up Leon Vance's Possible Death

NCIS ended with an intense cliffhanger that left Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) as a hostage possibly [...]

NCIS ended with an intense cliffhanger that left Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) as a hostage possibly near his death.

His perilous situation was revealed in the episode's final scene. Vance was shown in the clutches of terrorist who committed several murders and torture in Afghanistan.

The episode's plot revolved around Dr. Jacqueline Sloane (Maria Bello) dealing with a demon from her past.

During a blind date, she attacks a man in the restaurant because she recognizes his voice as a man who tortured her in Afghanistan. The man in question also killed several of Sloane's close friends while on a mission.

After getting arrested, Vance comes to her rescue and tries to figure out the real identity of the man.

The man comes in for questioning, but he denies any knowledge of Sloane's accusations. During the interrogation, Sloane flips out in anger and faces possible legal consequences.

Slone's PTSD is a main aspect fo the episode, with her confiding in Gibbs about the torture and confessing she wants the torturer dead.

The NCIS team soon tries to settle the matter by playing a recording of his voice to another one of the man's alleged victims. The victim freaks out, confirming Sloane's suspicions.

The alleged torturer, tipped off by the NCIS investigation, attempts to flee the country. Before the NCIS team discovers this, Sloane is already in route to an airport to confront him once and for all.

However, the criminal is not there. He has chartered another private flight at another airport.

The torturer is then shown in the plane with a hostage tied up and covered in a hood. He then pulls off the hood to reveal that Vance is being held against his will. The torturer then spouts off threats to Vance, promising to punish him for the military's actions overseas.

The final frame shows Vance bloodied and staring blankly as he sits in the jet.

NCIS will presumably resolve the cliffhanger in the season 16 premiere.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. New episodes of the CBS crime drama will resume in the fall TV season, but no exact premiere date has been set. It will return in the same time slot.

Photo Credit: CBS / Bill Inoshita