NBC Show's Future in Jeopardy, Executive Producer Says

One of NBC's newest shows may be facing cancellation. According to TV Line, the future of Ordinary Joe is up in the air. Russel Friend, the executive producer of Ordinary Joe, spoke to the publication about where the future of the show stands today. 

Season 1 of Ordinary Joe came to an end on Jan. 24. Now, fans are left wondering whether that episode served as the season or series finale. Friend told TV Line that the show is "definitely on the bubble" when it comes to a Season 2 renewal. The producer said that they are currently waiting to hear from the network regarding the show's future. 

"We're waiting to hear, obviously, from the network [and] trying to figure out, basically, how we're doing on streaming," Friend explained. "Our hope is to get the word out that come Monday, all 13 episodes of the show will be available on Hulu and Peacock." He went on to explain that if the show does perform well on streaming services, NBC would be more inclined to renew it for Season 2. The executive producer continued, "We're really hoping that people discover the show streaming-wise. It's such a bingeable show. So we're really hoping that once all 13 episodes are up, that people who like to binge their shows could now jump in and really get hooked. So hopefully if that happens, that would obviously help us with a Season 2."

Even though Season 1 of Ordinary Joe has already come to an end, it could be some time before NBC shares its decision regarding Season 2. Friend said that the decision could be "a couple months" away. As they await that decision, he said that fans can do their part to help ensure that there's more Ordinary Joe to come. The producer suggested that fans let their voices be heard on social media. That won't be too tall of an order, as Friend has already noticed how much traction the show has pulled on Twitter


"We're hoping we get fans excited and that they start tweeting or whatever to push NBC to pick us up," Friend continued. "What's nice is, just [from] an unscientific poll [of] our fans on Twitter or Instagram, it just feels like people are so into the show. It feels like we have a very loyal, passionate fanbase."