MTV's 'True Life' to Return in January With New Franchise

In the midst of celebrity and societal acknowledgment on topics like mental health, sexuality, human rights and more, MTV is taking advantage of this trend by bringing back one of its most popular shows.

According to Us Weekly, MTV's True Life is airing with a brand new franchise in 2019: True Life/Now.

The original documentary series first aired in March 1998, and covered an array of real-life happenings, such as politics, social issues, money and drug abuse. The show was never canceled, but a new episode hasn't aired since June 2017.

A lot has changed since then, so the first four episodes of the revamp will share stories of real people immersed in today's social reality.

Below is a list and description of each of the four episodes.

The first episode — set to air Wednesday, Jan. 2 — is titled, "Obsessed with Being a Kardashian." Three subjects in this episode will detail their love for the Kardashian clan — arguably the most popular celeb family in Hollywood today — and their desire to reach the sisters' level of success.

The second episode — set to air Wednesday, Jan. 9 — is titled, "Obsessed With the Perfect Booty." In a society of women striving for thin waists and big butts, it's no secret that people have gone to extreme measures to reach their body goals — regardless of the dangers. In this episode, a high school senior, army wife and an influencer share their desire to enhance this feature with butt injections.

Episode three, set to air Wednesday, Jan. 16, is titled, "Obsessed With Looking Like a Snapchat Filter." Three young women have resorted to cosmetic procedures in order to look like their favorite Snapchap filters and edited selfies.

The fourth episode — to air Wednesday, Jan. 23 — is titled, "Avenging Revenge Porn." This showing is slightly different from the rest, in a sense that the women featured are fighting for justice against one of the fastest growing crimes: revenge porn, which is when a person's sexual photos or videos are distributed without their consent.

Each of these episodes are topical and relevant to 2018 — and soon to be 2019.


Other popular features on the long-lasting program that have been highlighted include young adults who were shooting victims, those who have fought ISIS and a few who battle with feedism (a food-based fetish.) The show — since it first aired in the late 90's — focuses on the gritty perspective on some of the important and current issues teens face.

True Life/Now premieres on MTV Wednesday, Jan. 2, at 10 p.m. ET.