MSNBC's Joy Reid to Host Nightly Anchor Slot on 'The ReidOut'

Joy Reid is moving up at MSNBC. The cable news network has tapped Reid, who works as a political analyst and weekend host, to lead the 7 p.m. weeknight hour with her own series, The ReidOut, the network announced on Thursday.

The ReidOut will be based out of Washington, D.C. and will feature one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers and cover the political issues of the day, according to NBC News. The show, which debuts July 20 will also be drawing from Reid's experiences covering issues of race, justice and culture. It also marks a more prominent role for one of cable news' most prominent Black journalists and anchors.

Currently, Reid is the host of AM Joy, which airs on the weekend. It will feature a rotating lineup of hosts in the interim, with a permanent replacement expected to be named in the fall. Reid, who's also a best-selling author, first joined MSNBC backin 2011 as a contributor, previously hosting the daily news show The Reid Report.

The ReidOut will also be taking over Chris Matthews' old timeslot. Matthews retired quite abruptly from MSNBC back in March, following a series of egregious incidents. These included criticism over his statements comparing Bernie Sanders supporters to Nazis, misidentification of a Black lawmaker and sexual assault allegations. "I'm retiring," Matthews said on air. "This is the last Hardball on MSNBC. Obviously this isn't for a lack of interest in politics. As you can tell, I've loved every minute of my 20 years as host of Hardball... not many people have had this privilege."

The announcement took everyone by surprise, including Matthews' co-host Steve Kornacki. "That was a lot to take in just now," he told viewers. "I'm sure you're still absorbing that and I am too. Chris Matthews is a giant, a legend, it's been an honor for me to work with him to sit in here on occasion and I know how much you meant to him. I know how much he meant to you. I think you're going to miss him and I know I am going to, too."


The timing of Matthews' departure had many viewers speculating what may have prompted his apparently sudden decision. Several openly suspected that he was forced out, although his time on the network was likely nearing an end in the coming years. Some longtime viewers of the show were also disappointed to learn that the face of the show would be retiring so abruptly.