'Modern Family' Introduces Dylan's Mother and Her Scandalous Past

Modern Family finally introduced Dylan's mom in the latest episode, as well as her surprisingly scandalous connection to Phil Dunphy.

The episode, hilariously titled "Blasts from the Past," saw Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen) meet Dylan's (Reid Ewing) mom as the couple planned one last getaway before becoming grandparents.

As Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Dylan broke the news they would be moving in to the Dunphy home early in preparation for the arrival of their twins, they came with his mom as a surprise guest, hoping to stay with the family for a few days.

All seemed right with the world as Farrah (Rachel Bay Jones) introduced herself with a kiss to both of Haley's parents, though Claire was not amused by the way she handled Dylan accidentally getting hurt.

Later, as Claire and Farrah work on a homemade medication for Haley's homesickness, she admits that she is done living in Oregon after the man she was dating broke the news he was dumping her for six other women.

"Coming back as Dylan's mother... not funny Mom," Claire tells the cameras, referencing her late mother DeeDee, who died earlier in Season 10. "Not funny at all!"

Phil feels bad for accidentally hitting Dylan in the head and worries his injury might be severe, but he is also distracted by the realization Dylan's mom was a former fantasy from his teenage years.

"Dylan's mom... was the hot chick in the 'Sexy Kitty' music video," he remembers as he sees her licking some of the medicine from her hand. "The songwriting isn't perfect but this video changed everything."

As Phil came to terms with his realization, Claire continued to hold her tongue while Farrah revealed she had talked to Haley about the possibility of home birth... in her living room.

Claire and Phil then have an accidental misunderstanding as he recalls her influence on his adolescence, while Claire continues to see her mother in her. After also introducing Dylan's twin stepdaughters to the house, Claire loses it and bikes away from the home.


hil finds her later in an Italian restaurant, and she admits she is overwhelmed by how fast things have been happening since DeeDee's death and Haley's pregnancy. The couple agrees that it may not be the best time for them to go to Italy, as the twins might come earlier than expected.

What did you think of Farrah's debut? Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.