'Modern Family': Haley's Twins' Genders Revealed in Season 10 Finale

Modern Family's Season 10 finale introduced fans to Haley and Dylan's twins, also revealing their genders.

Wednesday's episode, titled "A Year of Birthdays," followed the Pritchett-Dunphy clan reliving their birthdays from the past year as they gathered to welcome the tiny new members of the crew.

Spoilers ahead for Modern Family's Season 10 finale, "A Year of Birthdays".

After going through every family members' birthday, the series showed Haley (Sarah Hyland) going into labor in the middle of Phil's (Ty Burrell) piano recital.

While not showing the labor, the show picked up with Jay (Ed O'Neill), Gloria (Sofia Vergara), Manny (Rico Rodriguez) and Joe (Jeremy Maguire) arriving to visit the new parents.

As the babies were getting checked out by the doctor, Haley reveals she is doing fine after the delivery. She tells her family she welcomed a baby boy and baby girl.

Fans will have to wait until Season 11 to find out their names, as Claire (Julie Bowen) revealed they decided to wait and make the decision when Haley is not "on drugs" from labor.

The heartwarming finale births bring to an end the storyline of Haley's pregnancy to longtime boyfriend, and now husband, Dylan.

At the beginning Season 10 the couple was reconnecting, as Haley dealt with the decline of her most recent relationship to Arwin. The high school sweethearts got back together and seemed to go back into old habits until the surprising death of Haley's grandma CeCe.

Haley's reaction to the surprising death news led her to overeat, which many fans saw as a sign she might be pregnant. Then a couple of episodes later their suspicions were confirmed when a trip to the ER led them to the realization that they were expecting their first child.

While they received support from their family soon after they first broke the news of the pregnancy, things got even more overwhelming for the young couple when they found out they were actually expecting twins.


Haley and Dylan celebrated their wedding later in the season, after a labor scare led her to realize she wanted to welcome her babies as a married woman. The couple chose to elope, and technically got their wish after the family gathered for the event, only for it to go horribly wrong. They ended up tying the knot in their pajamas, with Phil, Claire, Luke and Alex standing in support of the union.

Will Haley and Dylan thrive as parents? Modern Family returns for its 11th and final season in fall 2019 on ABC.