'Modern Family' Fans Are Convinced Haley Is Pregnant

The news of Dede's death on Modern Family left many of the characters coping in their own ways, though Haley's mechanisms left fans wondering if she had her own news coming up.

Early during Wednesday's episode, Claire (Julie Bowen), Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Jay (Ed O'Neill) find out about DeDe (Shelley Long) while on a vacation with her women's group in Greenland.

Alex (Ariel Winter) copes by having sex with her boyfriend; Luke (Nolan Gould) makes inappropriate jokes; and, Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) terrorizes Gloria because "that's what DeDe would have wanted."

Haley (Sarah Hyland) dealt with the news of her grandmother's death by losing it and eating everything she could find. Rather than considering her eating a representation of her grief, a plethora of Modern Family fans were convinced her actions were foreshadowing how she might be pregnant.

"Hayley's definitely pregnant and I think it's an Alex baby," another user commented, clearly confused about how pregnancy works.

"Hayley's definitely pregnant," another one theorized, while another echoed the thought writing they had a "feeling."

"So... Haley is pregnant," one user wrote, seemingly confident despite no confirmation.

"Haley is pregnant so we really aren't getting Handy endgame are we," another one wrote, giving up on the dream that Haley might reunite with Andy (Adam DeVine) before the series comes to an end.

The news may be not be such a long shot considering Haley recently rekindled her romance with Dylan after being in a small love triangle with him and Arvin.

While a possible pregnancy for Haley would just mean more drama at this point, it wouldn't be surprise for one of the members of the family to welcome a new member of the family to make up for DeDe's death.

Fans should expect DeDe's death to be felt later in the season, as co-creator Steven Levitan told The Hollywood Reporter the storyline will be revisited in a later episode.


"We do a follow-up episode where DeDe's widower brings a bunch of things to various members of the family that she wanted each of them to have and [viewers will see] the effect that has on each of them," Levitan said.

Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.