[SPOILER] Break up on 'Modern Family'

A Modern Family couple unexpectedly ended on Wednesday night's Halloween episode in a fiery breakup scene that was a season highlight.

It all went down when Alex (Ariel Winter) decided that her long-distance relationship with Ben (Joe Mande) just wasn't working. She confronts him in a diner to break the news, but things then take an interesting twist.

After she breaks the news, Ben seems extremely understanding. He then lets it slip that he recently made out with one of his exes at a recent party.

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This revelation infuriates Alex, who has been dreading breaking her boyfriend's heart. She stands up and flips out on Ben in the middle of the restaurant with a passionate rant.

She characterizes him as the worst boyfriend she's ever had and heads back home to reunite with her Dunphy siblings.

It was memorable scene that had fans excited to see Alex free of her pretty intolerable partner.

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"Good for you Alex," one fan wrote. "He was such a loser."

It's unclear what Alex's next romantic pursuit will be, but it appears fans might have wished Ben a permanent goodbye.