Twitter Goes in on Megyn Kelly After Her Remark to Gay 'Will & Grace' Fan

Megyn Kelly is on the receiving end of social media backlash over her choice of words to a gay Will & Grace superfan.

On her first outing as host of her own Today show on Monday, Kelly invited Russell Turner to join the cast of Will & Grace – Debra Messing, Megan Mullaly, Eric McCormack, and Sean Hayes – on stage.

Kelly, 46, explained that Turner had taken his inspiration from one of the comedy's main characters, McCormack's character, in that he was gay and had become a lawyer.

Turner, who is in his second year in law school, jokingly affirmed the assertion saying that McCormack's character, Will, had the perfect "trifecta" being gay, a lawyer, and with the "best apartment in New York City."

Before he went back to his seat in the audience, Kelly referred to Turner's homosexuality as "the gay thing."

"I don't know about the lawyer thing, but I think the Will & Grace thing and the gay thing will work out great," she said.

Soon after Kelly made the comment, social media users took to Twitter to weigh in on her choice of words.

"I think the 'gay thing' is probably gonna work out a lot better than @MegynKelly's '@todayshow thing'" one Twitter user wrote.

Another user thought these type of comments would eventually get Kelly fired from her new gig.

"It is what it looks like to watch $15 million set on fire in real time," Twitter user Kevin Fallon wrote.

Some users thought that Kelly made matters worse by trying to "relate" to Turner.

"Megyn Kelly is every mom trying waaaaay to (sic) hard to 'relate' to her gay son but instead just makes it waaaaay worse," Twitter user Will Kellogg wrote.


Aside from the controversial comment, Kelly did give Turner two tickets to a live taping of Will & Grace in Los Angeles in addition to a behind-the-scenes tour.

Kelly has yet to speak out about the incident.