Meghan McCain Melts Down Behind the Scenes on 'The View'

There is more behind-the-scenes drama on The View, with Meghan McCain reportedly breaking into tears after she was called "fake news" by her fellow Republicans.

A source told The Daily Mail Tuesday that the 33-year-old McCain was recently at a party with fellow Republicans who said she was a member of the "fake news movement."

Although The View isn't run by ABC News, it is on the same network that employs Brian Ross. Last week, Ross was suspended for an erroneous report about former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Before a recent View episode last week, McCain had a "dramatic meltdown," according to the Daily Mail's source.

"She had this dramatic meltdown in her dressing room and kept saying that no one knows how hard it is to be on this show and be conservative," the source said. "She kept going on and on about how the viewers don't like her because she's conservative and now conservatives don't like her and saying she supports fake news."

The source claims McCain repeatedly said, "I just can't win! I just can't win," before the taping.

McCain is also obsessively reading tweets about her and has "brown down" over viewers commenting on her weight and accusing her of lying about her age.

"Another time she was hysterical after reading comments that said she is a privileged rich kid who only got this job and others because of who her daddy is. Now that comment had her go nuts," the source told the Mail.

McCain has also reportedly been nicknamed "Elsa" by her co-hosts because of her cold demeanor. There have also been on-air feuds between McCain and her co-hosts during political discussions.

McCain is the daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain and a former Fox News contributor.


"The fact that she makes it to the table some days without cracking on air surprises a lot of people at the show," the Daily Mail's source said. "If you could see the tears and the tantrums off camera, you would wonder how she pulls it together each day."

Photo credit: ABC / Lou Rocco