Meghan McCain Shares Defiant Message Amid Petition Calling for Her Replacement on 'The View'

Meghan McCain shared a defiant quote on her Instagram Story Friday, just as a petition calling for The View producers to replace her gained social media attention. While it is not clear if McCain was referencing the petition with her post, it is clear that she is not letting anyone else define her career. A petition calling for her to be fired has more than 5,000 signatures.

"I make the road," the quote McCain posted wrote. "I draw the map. Nothing just happens to me... I'm the one happening."

The quote is attributed to the late Denis Johnson, a poet and author known for his books Jesus' Son and the National Book Award for Fiction winner Tree of Stone.

Earlier this week, a petition calling for The View to drop McCain and bring back previous co-hosts Ana Navarro or Jedidiah Bila began gaining more attention on social media.

"Anyone who like me has watched The View for years and has seen the sourness and immaturity that Meghan has brought to the show doesn't need much persuasion," the petitioner, who first posted the petition two years ago, wrote. "Let's get her OFF our favorite morning show and back to Faux News where she can safely keep discussing Obama possibly faking tears with onions after little children were murdered at school."

The petition has more than 5,300 signatures and hundreds of comments from signers.

"Although it is THE VIEW - it has been more like 'Meghan's View,' that that is unacceptable," one person wrote. "MM is highly disrespectful, very self centered. We should have viewpoints of all , but MM takes it to the extremes. She needs to go to a different place."

"Although I appreciate having a conservative voice on the show, Meghan acts like a child rather than a grown woman," another person wrote. "When she speaks, its all about her and her family rather than the issue being discussed."

"She is a screaming, overbearing, disrespectful CHILD!" another View viewer recently wrote. "She is extremely rude to guests and more so her co hosts. She makes the show practically unwatchable and I’m near the point of tuning OUT! Please, PLEASEEEEE bring in Ana Navarro!"

McCain, the daughter of the late Arizona Senator John McCain, joined The View in 2017 following her time as a Fox News contibutor. She has constantly been at the center of controversial moments and heated debates on the show ever since. It all came to a head last month when Whoopi Goldberg told McCain to "stop talking" in a viral moment.


In September, McCain told Andy Cohen she goes to work "assuming I'm going to be fired every day... Every single day. Yes, every day."

Photo credit: Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images