'Mayans M.C.' Star Emilio Rivera Reveals His '10 Year Challenge' With 'Sons of Anarchy' Throwback

Star of Mayans MC, Emilio Rivera, is showing off his #10YearChallenge via Instagram and proving to fans that he's aging well — if he even ages at all!

The actor titled his post, "Ok I'm in on this 10 year challenge" followed by several hashtags.

The images prove how Rivera hasn't aged a bit as he is still rocking the same style facial hair as well.

(Photo: Instagram / Emilio Rivera)

Rivera first made his debut in 2008 as part of the Mayans biker club as President of the Mayan Motorcycle Club, Marcus Alvarez, in the popular show Sons of Anarchy, which aired it's final season in 2014. Four years later, Mayans MC was created as a spinoff of SOA, which first aired this past September.

Although Rivera is known for his acting roles, he actually got his start in entertainment as a stand-up comedian.

"When I first started acting, I went straight to comedy because I was trying to break away from who I was from my street life, so comedy gave me an out," the 57-year-old admitted. "I belonged to a skit comedy group already and had done a few plays."

"So my agent called and said, 'Can you do stand-up?' I said I can, 'I can try,'" he continued. I wrote a 10 minute bit in an hour, went on to perform the following night at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood and killed it. Did comedy for the next 10 years."

He went on to say that he "quit doing comedy because the acting gigs were coming in a lot," adding, "The money was better, a lot better, and I didn't have to be in a club every night. I got burnt out on it. Now I do two shows a year."

Co-creator of SOA and creator of Mayans MC, Kurt Sutter, gave the spinoff something SOA never had.

"One of the cool things about [Mayans] is we do something we never did on Sons," Sutter said. "We never had a flashback on Sons, because I felt like it pulled you out of the world. But because of who EZ is, and the way his brain works, it's organic to this show."

Something Rivera praises Sutter for is being an "equal opportunity employer" and someone who "has been hiring Latino, Mexican, Chicano, Hispanic talent behind the scenes on the Mayans MC show as he said he would."


Rivera continued with, "I think it's a great idea, we look at each other for notes if there is something we don't know. It's very cool because we come from the same culture, he had created so many jobs for so many people when we did Sons of Anarchy for seven seasons."

"We hope to get seven Seasons out of Mayans MC if so, a lot of people will be working," he added.