'Mayans M.C.' Season 2 Will Likely Premiere Fall 2019, Kurt Sutter Says

Mayans M.C. just aired its Season 1 finale on Nov. 6, and fans are already speculating as to when the FX drama will return.

According to showrunner Kurt Sutter, that date may be just under one year away, with Sutter telling The Hollywood Reporter that the series will likely debut its second season in fall 2019.

"I'll probably start back up with the writers at the end of January," he revealed. "We'll go back into production around the end of May. I like to have at least 16 to 18 weeks upfront with my writers to get a grip on things. We'll probably shoot for around the same time with the airing of season two. That's the schedule of it all, but as far as the ideas? There's a lot of viable jumping-off points."

As a writer on the show, Sutter shared that he wants to take some time to reflect on the series' first season and explore multiple possibilities for where Mayans could head next.

"It's hard for my brain to shut down, so if there's a theme or an idea, I'll jot that down," he said. "I don't want to start unpacking things in my head. I just want to let it sit for a minute. Probably around the holidays or so, I'll start boarding some bigger-picture ideas. I like to come into each season with at least a loose sense of structure and where I want it to go. My writers help me get there."

Sutter made sure to note that while multiple Sons characters have now been introduced into the Mayans universe, that doesn't mean the two shows will crossover in their general mythology.

"I don't want to misrepresent the direction of the series," he said. "But is it a cool way to intersect mythologies without f—ing with what we did in Sons? I think we're managing to do that. I love when s— happens organically like that, when it's authentic. It allows me to continue doing what I love as a storyteller, which is making people's heads explode."

The showrunner pointed to the season finale revelation that SOA character Happy (David Labrava), had been the one to kill EZ's (JD Pardo) mother years ago, explaining that such a major reveal doesn't necessarily mean Mayans and Sons have to connect going forward.


"I think it's going to continue the way it is: They now become part of the external conflict," Sutter said. "The focus will still be on EZ, who is now committing to this life, and at least being in a place of acceptance: 'This is who I am now, let me see how it goes. I'm exhausted trying to figure out who the f— I am.' We have a commitment from him to the club. We've established the tension between him and Angel. That's still the thrust. Now, we have this cool external conflict for EZ [with Happy] thinking, 'OK, now what the f— do I do?'"

Photo Credit: FX