'Mayans MC' Pilot Wraps

Mayans MC, the upcoming Sons of Anarchy spinoff series, has wrapped filming on the second attempt at the pilot episode. On Wednesday, SOA creator Kurt Sutter took to social media to share the exciting news.

"Mayans MC Pilot 2.0. Wrapped. #mayansmc #samcroquartet," he captioned the snap.

The picture appears to be a California landscape with dark clouds rolling in over a rocky hill.

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After posting the photo, a number of fans of the original FX series responded to Sutter's tweet to express their excitement for the offshoot show.

As Sutter mentioned, this was the second pass at filming the pilot episode for Mayans MC. Reshoots episode came after FX called for a re-written script and casting changes. Sutter explained to PopCulture.com that it isn't unusual to be embarking on reshoots. He said a similar situation happened before SOA premiered.

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"Ironically, I don't know why I was surprised," Sutter said of the decision to reshoot. "It was the same situation we had on Sons, we had major recast and we reshot 95% of the pilot and that's gonna happen again."


"What it does for me is it allows me to watch it and then go what didn't work, what did work, and really do a big rewrite," he continued.

The Mayans MC pilot was written by Sutter and Elgin James. Norberto Barba (Lights Out, The Bridge) was brought in to direct the reshot version.