New 'Mayans MC' Teaser Gives 'Sons of Anarchy' Hat Tip

A brand new teaser for Mayans MC has dropped, and it gives a hat tip to its forebearer, Sons of Anarchy.

In the new video clip posted to the official Mayans MC Twitter page, a Sons of Anarchy logo can be seen tattooed on a mans back.

The visual then goes on a tight close-up and pulls back out reveal a Mayans MC logo tattooed on another mans back.

"Prepare to patch over," a caption on the post read. "Ride with Mayans M.C. this Fall on FX."

A number of Sons of Anarchy fans have commented on the new teaser, with many of them expressing excitement for the upcoming spinoff.

"Hell yea. I'm so ready for this," one fan tweeted while another said, "[They're] dragging this out just put it on already!!!"

As fans continue to get pumped up for the new series, creator Kurt Sutter recently shared some details regarding what fans can expect when Mayans MC premieres.

Sutter explained that there is no timeline overlap, as Mayans MC does take place after the events of the Sons of Anarchy series finale. "We talk a little bit about the ramifications of that final day for Jax," Sutter shared. "It sort of changed the fabric of Northern California and trickled down South."

He also spoke candidly about the connections between the two shows and how they plan to handle giving Mayans MC its own identity.

"My job in this series, if we're blessed enough to continue, is to transition from the mythology [of Sons] and honor that, because we want to acknowledge where we came from and those fans, and then balance that with having a show that is original and different and doesn't feel like the Latino version of Sons of Anarchy," Sutter stated.

Finally, Sutter opened up about how Mayans MC will navigate the sensitive territory of the current U.S. political landscape, and how it impacts the series' fictional story.

"It's not a political show. I do not write political shows," Sutter proclaimed. "I should not write political shows."

"But the same way Sons was a fictitious club and family in a real world, the real world always impacted that show," he continued. "The whole storyline with the white supremacist was based on the 45 percent uptick in white supremacy groups when Obama was in office."


"So, this is not a show that will deal head-on with those issues but it is a show that takes place on the border, and it's a politically charged, emotionally charged part of the world, and that will bleed into the storyline or else it won't be authentic," Sutter added.

Mayans MC is slated to debut in during the Fall 2018 TV season on FX.