'Mayans M.C.' Star Clayton Cardenas Promises Major Revelations Ahead

Mayans M.C. star Clayton Cardenas spoke about the series in a new interview, and promised some major revelations are ahead in the show.

While talking to Collider, Cardenas — who plays Angel Reyes in the show — addressed the fact that his both his character and EZ Reyes (his brother as played by J.D. Pardo) have secrets that with likely "become a bigger issue."

"Yes, that's gonna be a big, "What the F?" There's gonna be a lot of, 'What the F?' goin' around, and you can only imagine what that leads to," Cardenas said. "There's gonna be a lot of heat comin'. At any moment, this can go south. You just don't know when."

He then shared that audiences will discover that the way they've perceived certain characters may not be an entirely accurate representation of them.

"Sometimes, who you thought was the bad guy, isn't the bad guy, and who you thought was a good guy, isn't a good guy," Cardenas explained. "I love how that's done. Who's to say that's wrong, though? It might be wrong in somebody else's eyes, but you don't know the reason why he did it and you don't know who it's gonna help. You don't know who it's really gonna serve."

Cardenas also talked about what drew him to the series in the first place, saying that "right off the bat" he "wanted it."

"I was drooling when I heard about this. Being a fan of [Sons of Anarchy], it was just so easy to wanna jump into this world, right away," he admitted. "The writing with Kurt Sutter is just amazing, and with what he and Elgin James created, they've made this beautiful world that us actors just get to play in and have fun."

"I would say that a majority of the actors will tell you the same thing. I don't think it was a question for any of us, whether or not we wanted to do it," Cardenas added. "Right when everybody heard about it, this was something that you wanted to jump in with, head first."

He went on to reveal that after they were cast, the stars of the show didn't even get whole scripts right away, so as to keep things heavily under wraps.

"In the very beginning, we were actually given what they call dummy sides. We had different names, and none of the actual auditions were scenes that played out in the show, so we were not given a lot," Cardenas said. "We knew what we were getting into, knowing that it was the same creator of [Sons of Anarchy], but at the same time, there was a whole bunch of stuff that we did not know."


"We knew that the writing was great. As an actor, that's all you want, honestly. You put your trust in these directors and writers, that they're gonna put you in the best light," he added. "That's the fun part of it. You don't know, but at the same time, you know it's gonna be good."

Fans can catch Cardenas and the rest of the Mayans M.C. cast when the show airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.