'Mayans M.C.' Cast, Creators Give In-Depth Look at 'Sons of Anarchy' Spinoff

A new Mayans M.C. video shows the cast and creators giving fans an in-depth look at the new Sons of Anarchy spinoff.

"The Mayans M.C. is pretty much about the family. That's first all the time...," explains former Sons of Anarchy actor and current Mayans M.C. star Emilio Rivera.

Actor Richard Cabral — who plays Johnny "El Coco" Cruz in the new series — added that "the Mayans was more than just gang members. This was my life."

"It's the same thing we [talked] about on Sons of Anarchy, that when you choose to live on the fringe you are subject to all the things that live on the fringe," said Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C. creator Kurt Sutter, describing how the crew will not be depicted as living the safest of live.

Following up Sutter's remarks about the new show, series star JD Pardo assured fans that the Mayans are "still a motorcycle club" who will "be fighting for survival" and to keep their "territory." He also confirmed that the the crew will face off against the "cartels" and that the show will have both "action" and "romance."

Iconic actor Edward James Olmos went on to say that "the story" Mayans M.C. is telling "really deals with the complexity of the culture," including factors such as "drug, violence, [and] the dark side of life."

In addition to the new details about the show, the promo also reveals some new footage, and give fans a sneak peek at what the first season of this highly anticipated series holds.

While he does not appear in the new behind-the-scenes clip, Mayans M.C. actor Antonio Jaramillo previously told PopCulture.com that fans could expect the show to be "spicier" than Sons of Anarchy. "Let's just say that this is going to be a lot spicier," he stated. "We have an almost entire Hispanic cast."

"It's going to get spicy. It's a little different. This is still Kurt Sutter. Whatever the imaginary world that he created in Sons of Anarchy, it continues with Mayans M.C.," Jaramillo continued. "It's his world, and we're living in it. You know what to expect from him."

The star eventually clarified his comments, saying that "of course, it's going to be different because it's a different show, it's a different type of actors, a different type of human beings."

"It is a human being that comes from the same world. Disenfranchised person who's trying to find their own way in the world. That's why you join a motorcycle club, is because you don't feel like your part of anything else," he explained. "It's the same type of human being, but it's a different human."


"Now we got a Hispanic cast. I think it's going to be very sexy, cool show. It is going to be different, but you can expect a lot of the things that you saw in Sons of Anarchy to come back in [Mayans M.C.], because Kurt Sutter is the one who created this world," Jaramillo also said.

Fans can catch all the action and drama of Mayans M.C. when it debuts on Tuesday, Sept. 4 on FX.