Here's Why You Won't See 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' Host Mention Matt Lauer Tonight

The tree lighting ceremony at 30 Rockefeller Center is a big production — so big that the rest of the building has to shut down and as a result, Late Night With Seth Meyers had to pre-record their show yesterday, not including Wednesday's breaking news in their material, which includes the Today Show's dismissal of Matt Lauer.

Obviously, Meyers couldn't let it be said that he was going easy on Lauer or ignoring the story, especially because his show is on NBC as well. So, the host took to Twitter to explain himself.

Meyers warned fans that some news would be "conspicuously absent" from tonight's show, allowing them to infer which stories he meant.

Mike Shoemaker, one of Late Night's writers and producers, offered fans an early look at one of the show's segments as an apology, calling it "a period piece from a simpler time," along with the hashtag "#PreLauer."


In the clip, Meyers even explains the anomaly from the show's set.