'The Masked Singer' Eliminated the Kitty, and They're an 'America's Got Talent' Alum

The final five competitors in The Masked Singer — Night Angel, Turtle, Rhino, Kitty and Frog — put on their best performances on Wednesday night's episode. But, only one of them performed their swan song. At the end of the episode, the Kitty was eliminated. After the judges gave their guesses as to the Kitty's identity, the singer was unmasked and revealed to have been America's Got Talent alum Jackie Evancho. The singer previously competed on Season 5 of AGT where she came in second place.

The competition on The Masked Singer is really getting narrowed down. A week prior to Kitty's elimination, the Astronaut was sent home to space and revealed to have been country singer Hunter Hayes. Following his elimination, he spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his time on the competition. In his interview, he even shared that he's his own "worst critic" when it comes to his performances on the FOX series.

"I am my worst critic. I've always been that way," Hayes told the publication. "The show magnified it. I was very hard on myself during the taping. Now on the other end, it's nice to kind of chill out and not get stressed, rather just kind of enjoy the fun of it. Being so far removed allows me to see how everybody else sees it, which is just having fun." Speaking of having fun, the country singer also shared the advice that he has for other singers who want to crossover onto The Masked Singer. In short, he said that competitors should focus on simply having fun.


"Do it and just make sure you're having fun. It is a competition, but the reason that I was really excited about it was that it's not a competition about technicality. It's about individuality," he said. "I think that's why it's been such success. That's why I fell in love with it was because it's like no other contest on TV. You have to just go in and have fun with it. That sounds simple, but it's really easy to get caught in the technicalities of dance moves and choreography and staging. But at the end of the day, the times where you just have fun were the times where I felt like I had a chance of moving on to the next round and. I would encourage anybody to do it!"