Margot Robbie Returning to 'Neighbours' for Finale

Margot Robbie will reprise one of her earliest TV roles this week for the series finale. Robbie was on the Australian soap opera Neighbours from 2008 to 2011, and now she will appear in the show's final episode. The official Neighbours social media account announced that Robbie and a few other former stars will return for the big farewell.

Neighbors is an Australian drama that has been on the air since 1985, and Robbie is one of its most prominent stars. She played the character Donna Freedman in 327 episodes total, and she will add one more before the curtain falls. According to a report by Deadline, Robbie has already filmed her part from Los Angeles, California, although the show itself films in Australia. Her fellow alumni Natalie Imbrugli and Holly Valance filmed their appearances from London, hinting that there may be some video chatting or split locations in the episode.

Robbie's first credits on IMDb are from 2008 -- including Neighbours. That year she also appeared on one episode each of City Homicide and Review with Myles Barlow, as well as the movie Vigilante. In the years that followed, Robbie found success in the U.S. and moved to Hollywood, but now she's going back to her roots.

Neighbours is the longest-running drama series in Australian TV history. It is set in a fictional suburb of Melbourne and is about the residents of a specific cul-de-sac called Ramsay Street. The show originally centered around three families -- the Ramsays, the Robinsons and the Clarks. By the time Robbie joined the cast, the world had expanded to add many more groups. Her character, Donna Freedman, eventually married a character named Ringo Brown (Sam Clark), changing her name.

Robbie's character was written off of the show after she herself decided to leave the show. At the time, she told TV Week: "I want to go to America; it's always been my goal to work in Hollywood. It's the one stage in my life where I have absolutely nothing holding me down." On the show, Donna got accepted into a fashion design school in New York City and moved to the U.S. as well. Robbie said that she actually would have preferred for Donna to have a more dramatic, definitive ending such as an unexpected death or a trip to rehab, but she got a "boring old happy ending" instead.


Perhaps her appearance in the finale will come with an update that is more exciting to Robbie. The Neighbors series finale airs this week in Australia. It's not clear how American fans can stream the show here.