Major 'Last Man Standing' Character Returning for Friday's Episode

A familiar face is set to return for an upcoming episode of Last Man Standing. According to The [...]

A familiar face is set to return for an upcoming episode of Last Man Standing. According to The Wrap, Eve, played by Kaitlyn Dever, returns. In a sneak peek of the episode, Eve explains that she took time away from her duties at her Air Force base to come home and see her family. However, she'll have to return soon, so her visit won't be a long one.

In the clip from the upcoming episode, Vanessa (Nancy Travis) explains the situation to Mike (Tim Allen), who bemoans the fact that his daughter can't stay for a longer period of time. Mike tells his wife, "What? You know what, we could just write the Air Force a note like we did when she was in high school." Vanessa empathized with him, adding, "We haven't seen her since forever. First it was going to be five days, and then it was four, and now we've lost one of those." Considering the fact that they won't have too much time to spend with Eve, Mike says that his wife will have to take a backseat so that he can spend some quality time with her.

"Well, I guess we're going to do more with less. And by that I mean more of my stuff and less with yours," he jokes. In turn, Vanessa said that she was simply focused on giving her daughter an embrace, explaining, "I've done the math and she owes me 235 hugs and four 'I love you's.' Because, you know, she gives those less often." By the end of the clip, Eve arrives at her home and is immediately greeted by both of her parents, who proceed to race up to hug her. Eve then remarks, "Ah, this is gonna be a long weekend, isn't it?"

Dever has been a part of Last Man Standing since it premiered in 2011. However, she transitioned into a recurring role starting in Season 7 to focus on her film career. As previously mentioned, her character has been away studying at the Air Force Academy. During an interview with Fox News published in April 2020, Allen opened up about Dever's reduced role on the show, noting that it mirrored his real life. He explained, "We had an episode ... where we had to change Eve's [Kaitlyn Dever] room and it reminded me of real life. You know, your kid's not coming back. They'll visit, they're not going anywhere, but they're not coming back to the bedroom they grew up in."