Major ABC Shows Taking 3-Week Hiatus From Airing New Episodes

Numerous ABC shows won't be returning until the week of Apr. 29.

There are numerous shows on ABC taking nearly a month off, and the wait is brutal. Previously renewed series The Rookie and Will Trent, along with the final season of The Good Doctor, are all on hiatus until Apr. 30, with the most recent episode being Apr. 9. This means that fans will have to wait three weeks for new episodes, and according to The Sun, they are not happy.

Many have been taking to social media to air out their frustration, mostly calling out the insane amount of breaks that have been happening. With only 10 episodes this season for each show due to the dual Hollywood strikes, the breaks do make sense, so the season is stretched out through May. But that doesn't make it any less frustrating, especially when episodes end on a cliffhanger or a big development happens.

Meanwhile, those three are not the only ones going on break. ABC's Thursday night lineup consisting of 9-1-1, Grey's Anatomy, and Station 19 is also on hiatus for three weeks and won't be returning until May 2. Having six major dramas on break for three weeks is definitely not the best thing to happen, especially since there aren't even that many episodes this season. It's similar to how the schedule was in 2021 when the shows came back after COVID. The networks try to stretch the seasons through May when finales usually happen. The fewer episodes there are, the more they have to stretch out depending on when the season premiered.

That being said, when the shows finally do come back, that should be it for the breaks since there will only be about four or five episodes left. Even though it's not a lot, especially for The Good Doctor and Station 19, both of which will be in the final stretch, it's still better than nothing. Plus, Will Trent, The Rookie, 9-1-1, and Grey's Anatomy are all returning next season with hopefully a larger episode count.

It may be frustrating and upsetting that some major ABC shows won't be back for another couple of weeks, but the wait will surely be worth it. The break will give fans of The Good Doctor and Station 19 some more time to say goodbye and possibly even continue to try to save it. You never know what could happen. Will Trent, The Rookie, and The Good Doctor return on Tuesday, Apr. 30 while 9-1-1, Grey's Anatomy, and Station 19 return on May 2 only on ABC.