Maitland Ward Praises 'Boy Meets World' Co-Star for Supporting Adult Film Career

Maitland Ward's old Boy Meets World co-stars have reportedly been very supportive of her adult film career, with the actress recently opening up and praising former castmate Will Friedle for showing her love and kindness for her current path. While speaking to Us Weekly, Ward explained, "I heard from Will not too long ago and he was so sweet. He [was] saying how supportive he was of me, but he won't watch anything."

Ward starred as Rachel McGuire in Boy Meets Ward, alongside Friedle who played Eric Matthews. The actress explained that so far she has not received "any negative" responses from her longtime friends in the show's cast. "I actually ran into Will at a Comic-Con right after my first film was released," Ward shared. And he was like, 'OK, I don't want to see anything. I won't see anything that you do, but I'm happy [that] you're happy.'" The White Chicks actress also revealed that she's been "in contact and friends all along" with Trina McGee, who played Angela Moore in Boy Meets World.

Since so many iconic sitcoms have been getting revived or putting together reunion specials, many have wondered if the Boy Meets World crew would be getting back together any time soon. Ward offered that "there has been talk" of the cast doing something, but no official plans are in motion at this time. "I hear a lot of talk from fans that want, like, a total reunion special, like, a separate [one] from [the spinoff] Girl Meets World. That's just all the old cast," Ward said, then adding that she feels it "would be fun" for the cast to reunite in an on-camera special.


For now, Ward is focused on her new adult film career, and using it to hopefully create a more solid connection between that industry and mainstream Hollywood. "It's really exciting because, you know, this project for the Muse 2 that we worked on is actually the second season in a series for Deeper, which marries porn and mainstream," she explained, discussing some of her current projects. "We have a billboard up in Hollywood, right by where the Oscars are. So that's really exciting. It's a really monumental thing for me because, you know, Hollywood ... I kind of was typecast and kind of pushed out of Hollywood. I was only told I could do a certain thing in Hollywood and be a certain kind of performer." Fans of Boy Meets World can relive the whole series right now on Disney+, the sitcom's current streaming home.