'MacGyver' Stuntman Hospitalized After On-Set Motorcycle Crash

A famous stuntman working on CBS' MacGyver was hospitalized Wednesday after a motorcycle stunt on set went wrong, TMZ reports.

Regis Harrington reportedly lost control of a motorcycle jump landing, a source told the news outlet. He was immediately rushed from the Atlanta, Georgia set to Atlanta Medical Center, where he was under observation in the Intensive Care Unity for a back injury.

CBS confirmed to TMZ that a stunt performer felt pain in his back after a motorcycle stunt and was "transported to a hospital for diagnostic testing."

Harrington, who's known for performing stunts in movies like Logan, Jurassic World and Captain America: Civil War, told TMZ that he's since been released from the hospital and is going to be OK.

He said that he made a mistake while riding, which led to the injury. He even praised the MacGyver crew for handling the accident "with care and professionalism."

Harrington's injury comes a few weeks after L.A.'s Finest showrunner Brandon Sonnier had a partial leg amputation following an accident on the set of the Spectrum show.

Sonnier and co-showrunner Brandon Margolis were both injured during a car stunt scene and rushed to the hospital. Margolis was quickly released, but Sonnier's injury required one of his legs to be amputated just below the knee, according to Deadline.

Occupational Safety and Health of California (Cal/OSH) has since triggered an investigation into the incident. The accident reportedly occurred when a stunt care crashed into the video village where Margolis and Sonnier were watching the scene on monitors. The show was in its final few days of shooting its upcoming first season; it's unclear if the show has resumed filming.

The focus of the investigation is on L.A.'s Finest production company, Mesquite Productions, and to "determine the cause of the incident and correct workplace safety violations." Cal/OSHA has six months to issue citations, The Blast reports. The inspection process reportedly typically takes a few months.

Last month, Cal/OSHA fined MacGyver $9,472 and issued producers a "serious citation" for a different accident on set that seriously injured stunt coordinator Justin Sundquist.


Sundquist reportedly injured his head when he fell off the back of a moving vehicle during a stunt in August 2018. The injury was so serious that part of his skull had to be removed to relieve the pressure on his brain.

He was hospitalized for weeks, including several days in a coma, and is still undergoing rehabilitation, Deadline reports.