'Living Biblically' Compares Phones and Beyonce to 'False Idols'

Living Biblically tackled the premise of worshipping "false idols" on Monday night's episode with two main targets: Beyoncé and cell phones.

The premise is put in motion when Chip's (Jay R. Ferguson) girlfriend Leslie (Lindsey Kraft) freaks out about Beyoncé announcing a concert in their area. However, Chip is much less enthusiastic. He admits she's "a talented singer" but he does not go crazy for her.

"A talented singer?" Leslie says. "Beyoncé is not just Beyoncé. She is a goddess, and I worship her."

Chip replies, "Now see, I've just been reading about this in my Bible, and it sounds to me that you're bordering on the whole 'false idols' territory."

Leslie quips that "there's nothing false about Beyoncé."

Chip then brings the false idols debate to his "God Squad" friends, Father Gene (Ian Gomez) and Rabbi Gil (David Krumholtz). They point out that he is so addicted to his phone, that it could be considered a false idol of his own.

"Would you give up your phone if God asked you?" Gil asks.

An outraged Chip replies, "God would never ask me to do that."

Gil then points out that "God asked Abraham to kill his only son." Chip retorts that "didn't ask him to give up his phone," but ultimately agrees to giving up his phone for the day as a part of his attempt to live strictly by the Bible.

The rest of the episode follows the various challenges phone-addict Chip faces without his phone, such as oversleeping, getting lost and not being able to electronically communicate with anyone.


Living Biblically airs Mondays at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo Credit: CBS / Sonja Flemming