'Little Mermaid Live': John Stamos Botches Prince Eric Joke, Calls Him 'Albert'

John Stamos brought the laughs in his portrayal of Chef Louis in Little Mermaid Live. The only thing is, he may have caused a few chuckles because of a pretty big, ad-libbed flub. At the end of his “Les Poissons” performance, viewers could hear Stamos joking, “I knew I should have played Prince Albert.” He quickly added an “or Eric” at the end, but the damage was done, as fans were quick to point out the mistake on Twitter.

Stamos definitely brought the flare to his Chef Louis role, but many fans can’t help but simply focus on his flub.

As one said, “john stamos saying “I knew I should’ve played prince albert or eric” on live tv is everything I didn’t know I needed.”

Another was pretty shocked and asked fellow viewers, “Did John Stamos just say “I knew I should have played Prince Albert? Albert??”

So many fans called out the awkwardness of his "Prince Albert" mishap, with one user saying, "John stamos ad libbing a joke to only miss the punch line because he doesn’t know prince Eric’s name..."

A separate viewer said, "John Stamos must have been feeling cute when he said he should have been Prince Albert, I mean Eric."

Another faction of users noted that there's NSFW meaning behind the "Prince Albert" phrase, with some saying that the term is used to describe a certain genital piercing. Regardless of the meaning behind the phrase and whether or not it was an intentional inclusion, it was certainly a notable, and very interesting, mention on Stamos' part.


Stamos' ad-libbed "Prince Eric" slip wasn't the only part of Little Mermaid Live that had fans talking. Shaggy's portrayal of Sebastian had some viewers puzzled specifically because of his minimalist "crab" costume. While there were show-stopping outfits with fins and mermaid tails galore, Shaggy's Sebastian didn't have one main identifier: the claws. In fact, one user pointed out that his red get-up looked more akin to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" look than anything Sebastian sported in The Little Mermaid.

Despite these slips and costume concerns, Little Mermaid Live did earn a ton of praise amongst viewers for simply letting them re-live a little of the underwater magic.