'Life Size 2' Slammed by Fans for 'Horrible' Acting and Missing Lindsay Lohan

Eighteen years after the original Life Size aired on ABC, Freeform debuted the Christmas-themed Life Size 2: A Christmas Eve, with original star Tyra Banks playing the doll who comes to life once again. Fans were not happy with the final project, especially since Lindsay Lohan was missing.

"Wow this is really bad #LifeSize2 instead of a Lil Yacthy cameo we should've seen Lindsay Lohan," one viewer wrote.

"I have no idea what’s going on. This whole plot is horrible and so is the acting," added another.

"They seriously didn’t even try with this. Totally ruined it. Bad acting & basic story line," added another harsh critic.

The new movie has been in the works since at least 2014 and was directed by experienced TV director Steven Tsuchida. The cast also includes Grown-ish star Francia Raisa as Grace, Gavin Stenhouse as Calum, Shanica Knowles as Tahlia, Hank Chen as Brenan and Alison Fernandez as Lex. Lohan, who starred in the original film was not able to return because of her commitment to MTV's Lohan Beach House.

Although Lohan was not directly involved, Banks told Entertainment Weekly there is at least a tribute to Lohan's character Casey Stuart. In the original film, Casey brought Eve (Banks), a doll to life after the death of her mother.

The only reference to Casey came early in the film, when a photo of a young Lohan from the first movie was shown.

This very short reference was not enough for many Lohan fans.

"I’m not feeling lifesize 2 where is Lindsey Lohan at cause that ain’t. We need a redo," one wrote.

"It’s just not the same without Lindsay Lohan. It shoulda been her daughter in the sequel and her as a mom," another added.

“There’s something beautiful we do with Lindsay in this movie that’ll speak to die-hard fans,” Banks told EW. “I can’t say how, but you will see something!”

"There is some Lindsay going on in here. Yes, for the people that are as obsessed with Lindsay Lohan as I am," Banks also told Good Morning America. "I feel like she’s a part of this, even though she couldn’t do this sequel, so we made sure that there’s moments in there that you’ll see a little something."

For Banks, who is also a producer on the movie, this is her first acting role since she appeared in two Black-ish episodes in 2016 and Banks hopes this will not be the last time she plays Eve.

“I think definitely there will probably be a future of Life Size,” Banks told Entertainment Tonight. “Whether I’m in it or not, I don’t know. But I do feel that the franchise is definitely massive and we shall see if I’m part of that.”

Banks also said her son, York, was "transfixed" by her performance in Life Size 2.

"He’ll see, like, scenes on my phone and I’ll have to kinda look at stuff and make notes and he is transfixed by that when he sees me doing that," she said.

Based on the fan reactions, they were also transfixed by the movie.


Banks, 44, created and hosted America's Next Top Model. She also joined America's Got Talent as the new host in 2017.

Photo credit: Disney Channel/Guy D’Alema