Leah Remini Show Renewed for Season 2

Leah Remini's game show, People Puzzler, will return for another season. Deadline reported on Wednesday that People Puzzler, which airs on the Game Show Network, was renewed for a second season. The newest season of the series is set to premiere in the fall.

People Puzzler premiered in January of this year. The show involves three contestants who are tasked with completing various crosswords from PEOPLE magazine. After three rounds of the competition, the contestant who has the most points has the chance to win the show's cash prize of $10,000. Not only is Remini the host of the show, but she also serves as a producer. People Puzzler is also produced by Meredith Corporation and Start Entertainment, LLC for the Game Show Network. While the second season of the game show will premiere in the fall, an exact release date has not yet been revealed.

In advance of the show's premiere, Remini spoke with, of course, PEOPLE about her latest project. The King of Queens alum said that there was no hesitation when she was initially asked to be a part of the show, as she immediately said yes. She explained, "[I was] dealing with the aftermath of producing and hosting my A&E documentary series on Scientology, on top of it being a very dark time in our country. So when something like this comes along, I feel like it's a blessing. I just love connecting with people."

As previously mentioned, People Puzzler features the contestants trying their hand at guessing the answers in various PEOPLE crossword puzzles. When it comes to Remini's abilities to guess the answers herself, she said that she didn't know "nine out of 10" of the questions. But, she still had a blast filming nonetheless, as she was able to form connections with the contestants. In the end, Remini loved that she was able to walk away from the experience having made those very connections.


"I really do love the PEOPLE puzzles because it's pop culture and it's fun facts," she added. "That's what the show is based on. The most exciting time was walking out on stage and seeing the contestants. I love people. People who know me know that I would prefer to go to your family's barbecue than any Hollywood event."