'Last Man Standing' Star Jet Jurgensmeyer Reveals What He Does When a 'Joke Doesn't Play' Well With the Audience

The live studio audience who attend Last Man Standing have more of a say in the show's content than they realize.

Jet Jurgensmeyer, best known for playing Boyd Baxter on the hit series, tells PopCulture.com in an exclusive interview that he and his castmates sometimes feed off the audience to determine what jokes are going to work well and what won't.

"It's hard to put it into words what you learn, it's kind of like, just experience in general on what to do in front of the live audience," Jurgensmeyer recalled.

"It kind of happens during the live audience [portion] most of the time because you're like, 'oh, okay, so this joke didn't play as well with the audience as we thought it would,' so we either change the joke or we say it a different way or we wait for a longer pause."

Jurgensmeyer has a few other tricks up his sleeve to keep the audience laughing though. He'll be the first to admit that he keeps them giggling when he busts out his dance moves in between takes!

"They always have music playing in between takes, I'm the kind of person that's dancing in between takes, that's me!" he said with laughter in his voice. "Everybody's laughing at me but that's just me!"

The young actor prides himself on making people smile, adding it's something he gets "to do that through this show."

Someone else keeping a smile on everyone's face is leading star Tim Allen. In a previous interview with PopCulture.com, Jurgensmeyer mentioned just how hilarious the long-time actor really is.

"I wish the fans could see the rehearsals," he said. "Tim is so funny when the cameras aren't rolling and when it's just the cast and the directors working on the scene. He's so funny."

He mentioned how fun it is to go to work because he's surrounded by positivity and laughter every day while on set.

While Allen has taught the child star a thing or two, he really credits his other co-star Christoph Sanders for helping him sharpen up his acting skills.

"I'd say I've learned a lot from Christoph Sanders who plays Kyle on the show, he's hilarious!" he admitted. "I've learned a lot from him because he's the complete opposite from his character. He can turn on his character like that and turn it off and be his regular self, it's so funny how different he and his character are."

While Kyle and Sanders don't can't necessarily relate, Jurgensmeyer says he and his character Boyd have a few things in common.


"I would say we're similar in the aspect that we both are very close with our grandpa and grandma — I'm very close with my grandparents and Boyd's very close with his," he said. "We both love [the] outdoors and being kids. I'd say we're pretty similar in a way."

Last Man Standing will most likely make a midseason return in 2020 after moving from Friday night's to Thursday evenings on Fox.