'Last Man Standing' Star Jet Jurgensmeyer Dishes on What It's Like to Work With Tim Allen

Jet Jurgensmeyer joined the Season 7 cast of Last Man Standing as Boyd Baxter and says he wishes fans could see rehearsals because of how funny Tim Allen is.

"I wish the fans could see the rehearsals," Jet told PopCulture.com. "Tim is so funny when the cameras aren't rolling and when it's just the cast and the directors working on the scene, he's so funny. My parents and I love to go to work because you get to laugh every day."

The 14-year-old has been acting since 2010, with appearances in shows like Blackish, Will and Grace, Grey's Anatomy and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, but playing the character of Boyd is his first consecutive role in a series.

The Nashville-born actor and musician is bringing more of a mature feel to the son of Kristin Baxter and Ryan Vogelson's, who is now 12-years-old on the FOX sitcom.

"I was nervous going in because I wasn't sure how everybody was going to be — I mean, this is my first series regular where I'm always on and kind of getting to see everything, " Jurgensmeyer said. "Everybody was amazing. My first day I felt really welcomed. Amanda Fuller — the lady who plays my mom — she actually reached out to me when they released that I was the new Boyd on Instagram and said, 'Hey Jet, it's Amanda, I'm so excited to work with you, can't wait to see you' and after the first day, I wasn't nervous at all."

Something that helped calm him— believe it or not — was the live audience.

“The thing that helps me, and a lot of people get nervous with this, but the live audience. The live audience with the real reaction helps because in between takes you’re constantly talking to the audience and learning from them [on] what they think about the show" he said.

Entertaining is something he was born to do. His parents owned a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee and that's where he got his start at the early age of 3-years-old. He utilized their stage at the family-owned business to sing and tell jokes for customers.

The child-actor says that carried over into his professional life on set of Last Man Standing because in between takes, he's always dancing for those who will watch.

It goes without saying, the young teen is a man of many talents, but something else he has to juggle is what gets his day started earlier than most his age — school.

"I get a lot of my friends saying, 'Jet, you don't know what it's like to go to a real school' and you know what? 'You're right, I don't go to a regular school and I never have, but I still get up in the mornings,'" he said. "I get up and usually start school before some of my friends are even at school. So really, I do know what it's like to get up and do school, [but] not necessarily go to school."

When he's not acting, dancing or learning in school, you can find the singer with a guitar in hand. His recent single "A Lot More Love" is sending waves through the music industry and among fans.

"As soon as I heard the demo," he shared. "My parents and I, after the song ended, we just went like, 'Wow, this is amazing and this is something that needs to be pushed out there.'"


The young and talented star will focus much of his time in 2019 on finishing his album, filming The Legend of 5 Mile Cave, and finishing up the season of Last Man Standing.

Last Man Standing airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.