'Last Man Standing': Mike Baxter Pushes Wife Vanessa to Run for Political Office

Changes are afoot in the Baxter family household. On Last Man Standing Thursday night, Tim Allen's Mike Baxter pushed came up with a brilliant idea for what wife Vanessa should do with her newfound extra time. He suggested she run for political office to make some changes in their state's education policies.

Throughout "The Office," Vanessa (Nancy Travis) made it clear she was not happy about having to open a tutoring business in the first place. Carol (Tisha Campbell) put it in her mind that the only reason why children need extra tutoring is because the school system is not doing enough and teachers do not have the support they need. Mike thought getting her an office space would make her happy, but this realization made Vanessa want to ditch the whole idea.

Later, Mike took Vanessa back to the office, and told her she should run for state assembly. Vanessa found the idea hilarious at first.

"You want me to run for office?" she asked, flabbergasted.

"Well, you have a passion for kids," Mike said. "I know you can make a difference."

"But you hate government," Vanessa reminded him.

"Boy, do I hate government," Mike said. "But capitalism only works in a functioning democracy."

"Maybe you should run for something," Vanessa said.

"Way too many skeletons," Mike joked.

Vanessa agreed she would think about the idea, which made Mike happy enough for the moment. Mike said she could use the office as her campaign headquarters.

"Honey, of course you're not going to win," Mike told her. "You're highly qualified. You don't have a chance!"

Vanessa's run for political office comes as the Baxters come to terms with finally having an empty nest now that Mandy (Molly McCook) and Kyle (Christoph Sanders) finally moving out. While Mike focuses on starting a new classic car renovation business with Chuck (Jonathan Adams), Vanessa runs for office.

"She discovers that her tutoring business is thriving because the educational system is failing… and she decides to run for [State Assembly]," executive producer Kevin Abbott told TVLine. "We always talk a little bit about politics on the show, so it’s a way for us to introduce some subject matter without being too partisan and too issue-oriented."

This season has also seen another big change for the Baxters. Another one is on the way! Kristin (Amanda Fuller) is expecting a girl, so Mike and Vanessa will be having a second grandchild soon.


Last Man Standing airs at 8 p.m. ET Thursdays on Fox.

Photo credit: Fox