'Last Man Standing' Fans Tear up When Jen Talks About Family Death

Last Man Standing fans got emotional during Friday night's episode "The Favourite," in which Jen finally spoke about her late mother.

In the episode, Kristin (Amanda Fuller) and Mandy (Molly McCook) began to feel jealous of Jen (Krista Marie Yu) because it seemed like she was taking all the attention of their mother Vanessa (Nancy Travis) away. It seemed particularly terrible when Vanessa said a poem they thought was written about them was really about Jen.

Mandy and Kristin decided to plan a spa trip with Vanessa, excluding Jen. While the two sisters rubbed it in her face, Jen was unfazed. She said it was the best thing for them to do, because they needed to create memories.

"It's important to build memories, because someday, that's all you'll have," Jen said. "I know... because... well... you know.. my mom is dead."

Mandy and Kristin instantly felt bad, and when it came time to go on their trip, they still felt terrible about it and called it off.

That night, the sisters and Vanessa sat down to talk with Jen about her mother, whom Jen described as an "elegant" and "fashionable" woman. Jen also told a funny anecdote about how she once bought her mother a scarf, but it turned out she was allergic to wool. However, she refused to take it off because she did not want Jen to feel bad.

The sisters and Jen finally bonded, and wanted to hear more about her mother. They even invited her to go with them on the spa trip.

At the end of the episode, Mike's (Tim Allen) Outdoor Man v-log post was relevant to both Jen's story and his own, in which he challenged Chuck (Jonathan Adams) to a game of pinball.

"My good buddy Billy Shakespeare wrote, 'Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.' Yeah, London in the swinging 1590s. You could still thrust your greatness upon people. It was a different time," Mike said. "But no matter how an all-time great reaches the top, they all face the same question: When is the right time to pass on the crown. John Elway and Peyton Manning timed it pretty good. They both won championships and rode off into the sunset. No pressure Flacco."

Mike noted that not everyone gets to go out on top.

"You don't want to go out like a lamb. You want to still be roaring like a lion... just not a Detroit Lion," he said. "And while it may be hard to know when to walk away from the thing that made you great, it's never the right time to be finished as a person. Life is a gift. Every day is a gift, that's why they call it the present. What you owe in return is to keep growing and keep learning and to keep getting better... and call your mom!"


The Last Man Standing Season 7 finale airs next Friday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. While the show is ending soon, it was renewed for Season 8.

Photo credit: Fox