'Last Man Standing': Will Fans See Star Kaitlyn Dever's Eve in Season 7?

Last Man Standing will be seeing a lot less of one of the Baxter daughters when it comes back for its seventh season on Fox.

The series saw itself recasting two roles of the Tim Allen-led series during its revival, as well the other daughter that was replaced during the series' original run, producers reportedly preferred to downgrade Kaitlyn Dever's Eve Baxter to recurring status.

Executive producer Kevin Abbott told TVLine that Dever, who is set to be a series regular on the upcoming Netflix series Unbelievable, is set for at least two episodes of the sitcom's revival season, including the season premiere.

(Photo: ABC)

"She's in the first episode, [and] she will be in the third episode," Abbott told the outlet. "Kaitlyn Dever's marvelous and of course she took other work while we were off... She's currently doing a Netflix show, but they're being really, really accommodating."

Production of the series will reportedly film Dever's scenes in advance on weeks that she is on break from the Netflix drama.

"Kaitlyn's working really hard so that whenever she has a break, we will film her," Abbott reveled. "We're going to write... B-stories [in advance] for the purpose of being able to shoot her in a scene and then drop it into a later episode."

Dever's Eve will reportedly be off at Air Force Academy during the upcoming season.

"We'll visit her sometimes there, and she'll come visit us sometimes," Abbott said. Overall, "our goal is to have her as often as we can... At the very least, every few episodes she'll be in it."

The show is set to be making a time jump when it premieres its seventh season, which Abbot said my lead to a shift in the Baxter family dynamics, including the introduction of a now-12-year-old Boyd (Jet Jurgensmeyer).

"We'll be dealing with some... of the issues that you get with a boy on the cusp of manhood... you know, some of the rebellion and trying to establish his own identity," Abbott said.


For Mike (Allen), Boyd is the first boy in the family that he can "mold" to one day inherit Outdoor Man, "so there will be conflict between Mike wanting him to be his version of a man and Kristin and Ryan's version [of a man]."

Last Man Standing will airs its seventh season premiere on Friday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.