'Last Man Standing' Fans Mourn Loss of Grandpa Bud Baxter in Episode 2

In this week's episode of Last Man Standing, Mike Baxter came to terms with the death of his [...]

In this week's episode of Last Man Standing, Mike Baxter came to terms with the death of his father, Bud Baxter. Fans at home had a little bit of a harder time with the revelation though.

The episode "Man vs. Myth" found Mike (Tim Allen) debating selling Bud's (Robert Forster) marijuana shop Bud's Buds. However, daughter Kristin (Amanda Fuller) and her husband Ryan (Jordan Masterson) wanted to take over the business.

Since Mike's relationship with his father was almost nonexistent before and he really hated the pot store, he wanted to get rid of it. However, Kristin told Mike how important Bud was to her and agreed to let his eldest daughter take over the shop. Mike also received a visit from Bud beyond the grave, and the two had a conversation about how they both wished to be better fathers than their fathers.

Fans also learned that Bud died between season six and seven. He suffered a sudden heart attack at a bowling alley.

As the episode aired, fans were left crying as Mike came to terms with his troubled relationship with Bud.

During the scene between Mike and the ghost of Bud, Bud reminded Mike that he never heard him say "I love you."

"I was going to," Mike replied.

"Yeah, me too. Funny how life doesn't wait for us sometimes?" Bud said.

Mike looked down, and then back up to see his father gone.

At the end of the episode, Mike still gave most of Bud's stuff away to Goodwill, but he did keep Bud's favorite chair. That is... until Kristin came in to say he looked just like Bud! He then rushed out to call Good Will back in to take it.

"Aww this is going to get deep," one fan wrote, adding a crying emoji.

"Dead people can be still cranky," another commented.

Another fan said the scene with the two fathers together was heartbreaking.

"Can't believe they killed off Bud. And not too sure about the new Mandy," another wrote, adding a shot at Molly McCook, the new actress playing Mandy.

"Love Bud. He will be missed," another added.

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