How Kevin James Helps His 'Kevin Can Wait' Co-Star Leah Remini Have a 'Good Day'

When Leah Remini likes something, her Kevin Can Wait co-star Kevin James makes sure she gets it so she can have a "good day."

The actress took to Instagram on Dec. 8 to share how James makes her smile on set.

"I just happened to mention my love for KFC and [Kevin James] has this show up to my dressing room. It's going to be a good day," the former King of Queens actress wrote in the caption for a photo of a table full of KFC food alongside a winky face.

James and Remini previously starred on CBS' King of Queens together. She appeared in the season one finale of Kevin Can Wait, which led to a full-time role in the second season. Erinn Hayes, who played James' wife was killed off between seasons.

In an interview with Chanel Omari's StarShop in October, Kevin co-star Chris Roach said Remini makes James funnier and added that the two "have great chemistry."

"Season 1, there was very good chemistry between Kevin and Erin and I always heard, 'Oh Kevin and Leah … the chemistry!' I was like 'Ok, alright,'" Roach said in October. "Then when you see it, you're like 'Oh, okay!' She makes him funnier. I don't know what it is. He's very funny as it is, but when you add her to the mix [and] they start playing off each other, it's really incredible."

James has insisted that Kevin isn't just a Queens reboot. The biggest difference is that James and Remini aren't playing husband and wife in the new show.


"This show was originally going to be about a single dad, but the way the story started going, we went with the great Erinn Hayes," James explained to Entertainment Weekly in September. "But then it felt like a very familiar family sitcom again and it kind of went down the track where we felt like the show needed a little emotional weight to drive the character. So when we had Leah on last season, it was great to have her and we knew that connection. I've always wanted to work with Leah again, but it was never to do the King of Queens again."

Photo credit: CBS