Kevin Costner's Reaction to John Mulaney's 'Field of Dreams' Oscars Bit Is Gold

The 'Yellowstone' star was blown away by the 'SNL' alum's Oscar presentation.

Kevin Costner might turn out to be John Mulaney's biggest fan after his Oscars appearance. According to PEOPLE, the Yellowstone star gushed over Mulaney's riff on Field of Dreams while presenting the Best Sound Oscar to The Zone of Interest.

"I couldn't believe that guy. Amazing. I watched it a second time," Costner told the outlet. "What a chance, because there's always people in the Oscars trying to rush you. And he went fast. But what he said, I was very touched by it. I should talk to him because I was really impressed. He was a genius."

"I loved what he did," Costner adds, also noting that Mulaney was "gifted." And plenty of other people loved it, too, with many singling it out from the night – right next to Nicolas Cage's appearance.

Mulaney started his bit by giving your typical Oscars presenter speech before veering directly into a wonderful bit about Field of Dreams. "Or what about that moment in Field of Dreams where we hear 'If you build it, he will come,' and then Costner does it, he builds a baseball field," Mulaney describes in the bit. "Or I guess he doesn't build it – he mows down corn, and then there is a field and he's like, 'I'm going to watch ghosts play baseball,' and the bank is like, 'You wanna pay your mortgage?' And he's like, 'Nah, I'm gonna watch ghosts play baseball.'"

If it gets the Costner seal of approval, how can you go wrong? At least when it comes to his own movies.