Leah Remini and Kevin James Argue It out in New Scene of 'Kevin Can Wait'

Kevin Can Wait has returned for a revamped second season, which is all about Kevin Gable (Kevin James) getting back into the workforce with the help of his old police partner Vanessa Cellucci (Leah Remini).

In a new clip from the season's second episode "Business Unusual," we see how that new dynamic starts to play out.

Kevin and Vanessa are shown out on a private investigation when Kevin suffers some sort of crash. Vanessa then walks up to check on and poke fun at him.

"You okay 'Superman'?" Vanessa says. "Your pupils are different sizes."

"It's just the cop juices flowing," Kevin replies.

The two then debate over how they're going to track down the criminal they're pursuing. Kevin tries to insist this was only a "one-day gig" and he's got to hurry home to do important things like make banana bread.

Kevin Can Wait airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.


Photo Credit: CBS / David M. Russell