Ken Jennings' First Episode Guest-Hosting 'Jeopardy!' Airs Monday: How to Watch

Ken Jennings' first episode guest-hosting Jeopardy!, following the death of Alex Trebek, airs Monday, and we have the details on how fans can watch. The first thing you'll want to do is check your local listings, to see what channel and time the iconic game show airs in your area. Since Jeopardy! is a syndicated series, its air time is different from city-to-city.

For those who have opted to cut the cord and watch TV by way of streaming, rather than broadcast television, there are options available to help you check out Jennings' interim guest-hosting episodes. Streaming services such as CBS All Access, Hulu Live, and fubo TV offer free trials of their service, and all reportedly have Jeopardy! as a featured series. For anyone already subscribed to a streaming service with live TV, you will simply want to search for Jeopardy! on your device app to see when and what time the show begins streaming.

Trebek, the longtime host of Jeopardy!, died in early November, after a fierce fight against stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Weeks later, producers announced that Jennings would be the first in a series of interim hosts. Recently, Jennings opened up about the last time he spoke with Trebek, telling Good Morning America that the two chatted the weekend that the legendary host passed away. "He was frail, but he was still very much Alex. I remember him just being very confident in me to be a guest host, if he ever needed that. We were hoping we'd have him with us for longer."

Jennings went on to speak highly of Trebek's character and shared what he says was the best advice he got from Trebek on potentially hosting the show. "I was reminded of the thing he always emphasized about the show," Jennings recalled, "which was: He's not the star of the show. The host is not the star of Jeopardy!"

Jennings added, "He always made it about the players, and about the competition. It's just hard to imagine that in the TV landscape today, a star of his size saying, 'Hey, the game's not about you.' That was great advice." After Jennings, it is reported that famed journalist Katie Couric will guest host Jeopardy! No other interim hosts have been officially announced at this time.